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Created on 2010-10-14 04:20:43 (#658201), last updated 2010-10-22 (361 weeks ago)

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Name:Imai Hisashi: Musical Magician
Posting Access:All Members
This community is dedicated to that master showman of musical wonder and weird noises, Imai Hisashi of the Japanese rock band Buck-Tick, not to mention his side projects, Schaft (1991), Schwein (2001), and more recently Lucy. Our hope is to share scans, news, views, interviews, macros, translations, comments on fashion, and snippets of all things Imai.

Here we can squee over his cuteness, gasp in awe at his musical prowess, or simply wonder 'what's up with the hair?' / fashion faux-pas. Of course drooling and fangirling (within reason) is welcomed.

As always there are some rules that are designed to make everyone's stay more enjoyable:

1) Always credit. If you post something that is not of your own making (scans, macros, artwork, etc) don't pass it off as your own. That's just not cool.

For example: if you post a macro made from suzy_q's scans then you should say something like 'Base scan courtesy of suzy_q'.

2) Be polite. Remember not everyone will share your particular point of view so don't take offense at comments your post might generate. Similarly, don't take offense when someone replies to your non-shared views. Keep it clean, keep it civil, and let's all play nice.

3) Rated NC-17. As much as some of us may not mind such posts please make sure that all uber-super-fantasy posts are made in your personal journal. This community is listed as 'contents may not be appropriate for those under 18'. Let's not get shut down for being overly lewd.

4) Be respectful of our muse. Imai-san is a human being with feelings and every right to privacy. Let's not spread rumors as facts or call his character into question. We don't know him or what he's truly like so let's err on the side of respect and just enjoy what he brings and the music world.

Having said all that - if you enjoy Imai-san's work from the last 20+ years, his outrageous fashion statements, or just like to look at him then by all means click that 'Join' link and pull up a seat. We're here to spread the love. ^_^
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